The past few days have brought on many thoughts of "simplicity".

How much do we need to survive? A friend of mine was recently strongly impacted when Hurrican Gustav flopped a tree into her house. After several weeks of "no electricity", she is now trying repair her house. Needless to say, even though no person was hurt, this left both financial and emotional scars. I did not know about this until a few days ago, and it made me think.

How can it be that in our country it takes so long to respond in disasters?

Another friends' response hit home. She is a "survivalist", and made me think about what would happen if a disaster struck where I am. I am totally unprepared, barely know where a flashlight is.

So we have a lot of "stuff", but do we have what we need to survive if everything is cut off? We could probably live a week on food in the house, but don't have water stocked (eww!!). Lots of organic dog food :)...

I am not ready to run off to a survival camp yet, but I am rethinking our emergency plan. It is against my nature to be that organized, but having water, some cans, and at least candles and flashlights in a handy place is recommended.

Do you have yours?

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