SOMEBODY thinks I am a good girl...

...and sent me a present :).

You know, it is sad. It seems that no one who loves me dearly thinks that I STILL LOVE SURPRISES! Except my wonderful offspring, of course, they conjour some fabulous surprises for mama.

Other than that, my life is lacking in the surprise GIFT department (I am all filled up with other surprises, thank you.)

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I received a package from a brand new "sister" today, just for me. And it is not even my birthday. And it is HANDMADE SOCKS!! She could not have possibly known how much I love handmade socks, we just met online a few months ago. I have a pair that is 22 years old.

Here they are, modeled by Heike Jr. it is like Cinderella, they fit on my feet PERFECTLY! :). Today it got super windy, and it is finally supposed to get cooler. I think it is so I can strut my new socks...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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