Can thinking hard change your world?

Wow, this election has left me feeling exhausted :) could think I was on the campaign trail. So much at stake, and here in California we had some other hard pressed issues to vote on. I am sad to see the outcome of Prop 8, I was sure such a kakamemy (sp?) law would not pass nowadays. But I was wrong. We are still stuck in the age of "no tolerance". What makes it so sad is that the same people will pick someone else they feel is not living "right" to bully next time. Not so long ago, it was against the law for white people to marry black people...imagine that? I feel for my friends who are trying to raise their families and live their lives just like I am, only that they are "same sex". To all you "YES" voters out there, they will live their lives whether you like it or not, you are just making it harder. thought today is not to give the haters and those living in fear much more of my precious energy.

I am fascinated by Obama's campaign. It was as if he said "Yes, we can" and just did it. I am finding more and more great people who have emerged and changed their lives and little piece of our world just by setting their mind to it. I am re-reading Napoleon Hill (that is the entrepreneur in me), and at the same time I am reading a book about Buddhism :). Changing your life by letting go of what hinders your authentic self. It is said if you tell yourself what you want long enough, your brain will just take it as a fact and it will happen. "Fake it 'till you make it." Now isn't that a concept?

I am making a conscious effort to be grateful for what I have, rather than dwelling on the shit that seems to happen every day. Our times are hard, but really, my life is good. Sometimes, when I hear others complain, I feel sorry for them because I am beginning to rise above that level. Once you stop dwelling on fear, a funny thing happens. You cope much better with what is happening in your life, and things get better. My friend Ree recently sent me a message and told me to go see His blog is great, and made me laugh. I was hooked, reading through several days, and I decided to follow his lead. I am not consistant by nature, so I will start small and tell you what I am grateful for when I post, and what I am manifesting.

What I am grateful for: Mr. Heike, who works two jobs while I don't. He works hard to provide for us, and enabling me to lead my choatic Goddess/Mama/Homeschooler/Artist/Entrepreneur/Author/Free Spirit life. We lead a simple life, a little threadbare, but filled with love.

What I am manifesting: My muse. Get the hell back over here........please?

Sending out good thoughts.....

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