I am not buying NUTH'IN!!

I am a retailers' nightmare. No money, no cable tv, no WII, only uses credit cards on her cars and for "to die for" cowboy boots. I only get weak when it comes to computers, otherwise I have vowed not to buy anything new unless ABSOLUTELY necessary (like underwear), and never "Made in China" unless it happens to be a new MAC.

I have successfully found several fabulous gifts at thrift stores. They are so fabulous that I am glad that they are going to family members, so that I can use them too. I do buy used on Ebay or Craigslist too, but there is nothing like that $1 or $2 treasure you can only discover at a thrift store.

My friends know of my addiction, and do not expect anything less than recycled from me. My kids totally value things for what they are, not what they cost or where they came from.

So instead of getting up at 3 am on Black Friday, with a half-digested turkey in my stomach, to go shopping, I was snoozing. I got up at 7:30 am to get to the thrift store at 8 am for my "SPECIAL VIP Hour Early shop" and $5 gift certificate :). My credit cards are bored, and that is the biggest plus of swearing off consume. Today, I almost waned, by checking out a Cyber Monday offer of buy one, get on half off (and FREE shipping!) at a toy store, but they were ALL out of the toys I wanted. It was a clear sign from Spirit, telling me to "GO AWAY, Heike!!" ;).

I get to enjoy the Holidays, even though it is still damn HOT here. We just put up our lights and are entertaining our electric company. I am starting to make cookies this week, preparing for two great Holiday get-togethers with my favorite people at our house. My kids are excited, I am excited.

We are tracking Santa at N.O.R.A.D

I am drinking EGGNOG!

What I am grateful for: Christmas Season

What I am manifesting: My Mom, and snow.

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