Snow Hunters

More pictures, but these are from YESTERDAY!

For me, snow is magic. Growing up, snow days meant "No School", snowball fights, snow men, cold outside, hot chocolate and heat inside. There is nothing more beautiful than waking up to a city covered in a white blanket of snow. Yes, I did have to drive, and there were days when it snowed so hard I had to shovel out my car, and by the time I finished in the back, the front was snowed in again.

But I still love snow.

So when the weather got chilly on Sunday, and it rained, the Sharp family rejoiced. Monday morning we put on our boots, packed cookies, licorice, and water, and hit the road up the mountain to the Sierras.

At a little over 2000ft we found:


and one more:

I found that when you are over 12, you should not ride the round little sled. Really. It goes fast once your bigger butt packs the snow down, and it turns. It is not as much fun sledding backwards when you are "slightly" over 25 as it was when you were 12. My family thought I was quite funny :).

I left all my responsibilities at home and had a blast. We came home wet, stuffed full of burgers and fries that we picked up on the way back, and happily exhausted.

What I am grateful for:
SNOW...and in the winter: living where I can get to the ocean or the snow in 1.5 hours.

What I am manifesting: Organization.