I have to do WHAT??

So I have finally recoupperated from the Presidential Inauguration.


I swear, I was pooped by the time President Obama and Michelle Obama hit the last ball. The few days before, I admit, I was a bit tired of hearing about all the things to come. But the Inauguration was a moment to remember, with all its' wonderful human flaws.

And yes, they really made President Obama do the Oath over again the next day, just incase he was not really President... (rolling my eyes).

Ok, America, it is time to get off your ass!!

Yes, it is. It is time for each and every American to get off your ass and do something to help this country recoupe. We have a fresh new man in the lead, but he is no miracle worker. He may be able to pull some levers, but we each need to do our part. That does not mean someone will come by and lift that first ass cheek for you, nope, you are going to have to do this all by yourself.

I spent a few days listening to the heeing and hawing, the "So, is he going to put his money where his mouth is", yadayadayada. All I hear is: "What is President Obama going to do for us now, and how fast is he going to do it?".

If you were listening when he spoke, he said WE will make a change.

Our economy sucks. It is going to affect us all for some time. How about everyone starts by searching out products that say "Made in USA"? That's pretty easy (except for bras, it seems no one in the U.S. makes brassieres any more. Unless you are a DDD, which I am not.) Check out your local businesses and make it a point to purchase from them, buy from local farmers and markets. By from small artists like me when you are searching for a gift, I can guarantee you that much more love and quality go into this item than what you will buy at Wal Mart. Buy from the lady selling Avon (or whatever!), she may be trying to pay her mortgage. If you have to go to big stores for some items, at least try to buy U.S. made. Go to the thrift store! These little things can make a difference, if everyone does them!

Going back to enjoy President Obama :).

What I am grateful for:
The roof over my head, my family and friends to laugh with.

What I am manifesting: sales, sales, sales

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