Men and Boobies

My friend Wendy at Gardenplum just had her Grand Opening. She is now featuring my Goddesses, and sent out this funny intro in her newsletter.

"A Funny Story...
Greetings! Here is a pic of me in the necklace that is involved with my story! Its such a funny story about these wonderful earth dwelling cherubs full of woman power!

I received this package of homemade sculptures from my friend Heike from California. All of the sculptures were sitting out in a row. A member of the male species walked by once, twice, then NOPE - he is touching the boobies! He could not resist them! Can you blame him? LOOK at them! I think the little spirals painted in them must have hypnotized him so he could not walk away. I laughed in delight.

Wearing this necklace (I'm wearing Moon Goddess in the photo) made me feel like the Goddess Archetype in all of her curves!They just FEEL nice! They feel heavy and grounding, each handmade and has its own sacred symbols. Enjoy reading about them and their folklore, and please join me in welcoming Heike and her Goddess Sculptures to the Gallery."

It is the phenononem of the swirly boobies. I have had several male friends tell me the same thing, LOL, that they can't keep their eyes off the swirls, that they are almost hypnotic.

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