My Gawd!!!! A winner, the Mercury Retrograde, and other miscellaneous mishaps!!

First off, I FORGOT, yes, FORGOT to have a book drawing last month!!

The winner is, Joann @ gmail....I am emailing you!

Congratulations! You are receiving a copy of "Goddess in the Groove ~ Musings From the Goddess Within"!

You can be a winner too! See sidebar, just subscribe to updates, and you could be my next monthly winner :)..

The last days have been embarrassing. Not only do my fingers push SEND before I have gone back and edited out all the curse words or changed the recipients, my mouth opens before the brain has analyzed the consequence of my words as well.

Ah....the Mercury Retrograde. When all communication goes askew...and electrical necessities die. Some say it is a myth..would I lie??

I think I will shut myself away until February 1st.

BUT WAIT!!! Now is the time to get YOUR Goddess with Magick in her belly...I am having a 40% off sale!!

What I am grateful for: My kids

What I am manifesting:
Keener reaction skills.....

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