Spring Fever ~ about a month too soon....

Our weather is so strange. Here it is, the end of January, and the sun is shining bright, and my little temperature widget is showing 58 degrees. I was just outside, checking my backyard for survivors of our not very cold winter.

We need rain.

I want to plant.

This weather makes me want to get out there and plant tomatoes or something. But I won't, because I know they will freeze to death at night. But my fingers are itching to dig in the dirt, to relocate beds, to buy little bitty plants....For those who know me, they are probably laughing. I always have these farmer aspirations in the early Spring, but I clearly do not have a green thumb. I forget to water things, and our Summers are so hot. This year, I am building a water system. Thankfully, I was graced with an inquisitive streak and a knack for experimenting, if not with a tendency to be consistant.

Plus, I want real food. Even though we are in CA, it seems organic, non-chemical food is at a premium price. It just kills me, I am on a artist budget with a taste for an organic lifestyle :).

So instead of digging in the dirt, I pooper scooped, cut my geranium back (this plant is a miracle, I think it is a moon specimen, I NEVER water it. Yet, it has lived with me and graced me with huge red flowers for over 5 years!), and got excited that the fig tree I planted last Summer is still alive. Rex adopted it's roots as a bone storage....so I regularly had to cover the roots back up.

All is well...

What I am grateful for:
Tomatoe catalogs and stories of Victory Gardens

What I am manifesting: Sales!!

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