Where the Heck is Heike??

Happy New Year, my friends!

I am coming out of hiding :)...ready for the the New Year? Who knows??

When I woke up on on the 1st, I thought I was. I have my list, I had my schedule for the classes I wanted to start the next day, I had my books. I even had my piles of laundry and "paper-crap" ready to sort the next day (remember, no cleaning on the 1st??).

So, Mr. Heike had to work, and I had the grand idea to take the dog and the kids, and take a nice long walk to visit Papa. On the way home

Rex, who I will call "The Culprit" saw a cat before I did. The rest is comical history. Rex sees cat, takes a flying leap, I am on the other end of the leash, go flying behind Rex and fall flat on my ass, then my left hip. I hold on. Eventually, I regain control of "The Culprit", and hobble home. My right foot feels strange. I get home, take of my clothes and examine my wounds. I have a huge bruise on the side of my BUTT. Hmmm....my foot sure feels weird. I look down, and my ankle begins to swell. Heike Jr. seems to remember that my right foot went the other way, in the opposite direction of my body. There you have it, I sprained my damn ankle!

I have a phobia of doctors, and happily determined that it was probably not broken, as I was able to walk (bounce? hobble? squeak?) on it. Though I did get a bit uneasy when it swoll up around the back of my foot (which seems to be the tendon that is probably the length of my thigh now) and turned dark blue.

I am happy to say that I am healing. It is still swollen, blue, and I am still limping around, but it is getting better. Damnit! This put my whole Happy New Year Plan to shits. Now I have to catch up, and get going before the Full Moon.

Having to sit around brought some good things. I am learning EFT (tap, tap, tap), which gives me a another venue of healing. I watched "WANTED" with Angelina Jolie (I want to be her :).), started my journal, and that was about all I was allowed to do. No putting up your foot and resting in this house. If I broke my foot we would probably all shrivel up and die.

Ever feel unappreciated? Just hurt yourself, you will see that the world needs you.

As macabre as it may sound, while I was feeling sorry for myself, I got a pep me up. I received an IM, then a follow up email from a friend who said "I was her last hope" :)...she is very pregnant, and sick since Jan. 2. She tried various things, even medication because she was desperate, nothing helped and she was miserable. A remedy popped in, she did it, and a few hours later I received an email of relief :). Love it, the natural world and the gypsy roots are all good. For me, there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that I can help. Glad you feel better, Mon Amie!

I think we forget sometimes how important we are, each one, in the full circle. Take a moment, a simple email, a thank you, a smile, can change someone else's day, even their outlook.

Much love,

What I am grateful for: The people I touch with my words.

What I am manifesting: Health & Energy :).

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