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So, here is a SHOUT OUT!

Jenna @ Goddessworld, email me! You are the lucky winner of this months "Goddess in the Groove ~ Musings From the Goddess Within"!

For everyone else, here is a little excerpt:

Circle of Power

When I recently went to a luncheon hosted in honor of a woman I admire strongly, I was overwhelmed by “woman power”! Peggy O’Mara, the editor/owner of Mothering Magazine, was the Queen Bee for the day, and all around her was the buzz of the “worker bees”, the awesome women who are out there just doing it!
There were about 30 women at this gathering, and when I arrived we all just mingled, chatted, ate a little, and chatted some more. Then the circle was called, and we all found a spot in a big circle of women. We started at one end, and each woman introduced herself and mentioned why she was there. Most of us were there because we love Peggy, (of course!), but it was interesting to find out how each woman arrived at this point in life, and what they were doing with their talents.
Interesting enough, for most of us the change came with the birth of our first child. I am not talking about birth itself, which we know is life altering, but “after birth”, so to speak. I am speaking of the changes, and new found passion, each woman found inside of herself after she became a mother. Each one had a very different story and project. As each women spoke, you could feel the energy rise, and I became completely emotional. By the time it was my turn, all I could say was “me too, same here, that’s’ true!” I felt so humble in this circle of power, though I knew my role there was one of importance. I am a piece of the puzzle.

(Circle of Power, Pg. 62)

You can order a signed copy directly from me here ;).

What I am grateful for: My family

What I am manifesting: Sales!

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