I'm just not hip enough to TWIT

I signed up for Twitter account over a year ago, I think it was around the time I published my book and signed up for several different networks.

I "twitted" once, then my little Twit just sat there, bored to hell. Then a few months ago, I read all about the Twitter of Twitter, how all the "hip" and successful people are twitting, and decided I should participate.

Gawd, not much meaningful stuff you can say in 140 characters, is there?

"Today, I was sitting in the dentist chair waiting for the novocain to start working, when the weirdest thing happened! I look up, and there"

"I am at rehearsal. Talk about “suburban mama that I am not” syndrome! I am listening to this flock of moms behind me talking about one of th"

"OMG!! You won’t believe what came on my email today! After weeks of anticipation and sending out vibes to the universe, FINALLY, I see a he"

"What an ass. That is all I have to say after this meeting. I cannot believe that someone would consider him an expert in anything but nose pi"

There you have it. And though I love my friends who swear Twitter is the meaningful and exciting way to communicate with your friends....I have to admit that I really don't need to know what they just ate for lunch, that they are waiting at the doctors office, that their kids eat buggars, etc.

It's a little "Big Brother", oui?

So, until I find out the magic secret behind the Twitter, I guess I am just not hip enough to Twit.

What I am grateful for: My friends and their cell phones....and never dare take away my email!

What I am manifesting: A marketing plan

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