Is it a Doggy Dog world?

Contrary to what some people believe, I am a very positive person :). Instead of fearing it, I believe this recession will have an end, and I think our society will learn an important lesson from it. It is a hard adjustment, but I think it will build character :). Maybe we will get back to integrity??

My son and I recently found someone's ATM credit card in a copier at Kinko's. We dropped it off with the cashier. I explained to my son that the person was lucky we found it, and if the person comes back they will be SO HAPPY that their ATM credit card is safe (this is not what happened when someone "found" MY WALLET a few years ago....).

So, considering our world as it is today, if someone finds a wallet with credit cards and $1000 cash in it, are they more likely to find the owner, or use it to pay bills??

Much love,

What I am grateful for: That I put a tarp over my van before it rained......

What I am manifesting: Organization.

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