Can I eat that?

My kids grow up being able to lustily stick almost any plant in our back yard in their mouth, and now think eating flowers is pretty cool :). I often hear "Mama, can I eat that?" when we find new herbs or flowers. At least they will now what to eat, or not to eat, if they ever appear in "Survivor" :)..

This week, I began harvesting my herbs. Up until now, I pretty much let them grow wild, using what I needed when I needed it. This year, I have decided to start drying some herbs for tea later in the year, and sharing with friends :).

I have made Lavender Wands and Bottles, which are totally relaxing to hang over your bed or put in your undie drawer. Here are some great instructions if you want to make your own.

I just harvested a batch of chamomile and oregano, which grow wild all over my back yard. It is hanging to dry in my kitchen, which smells like Italy now!

Look, you can even see the MOON in the window! My herbs will be moon infused :).

The same goes for my Borage, which started showing up mysteriously about 2 years ago. Not sure where it came from, as most Borage here has blue flowers and a bit different greenery. The tiny flowers taste like cucumbers :), and the kids and I enjoy eating them off the plant. I have had a ton of bees in there too, yummy honey! It is almost time to cut it back, so we are going to experiment with candying the flowers.

More to come. I am actually going to dry the Lemon Balm jungle this year also, instead of dead heading it when it is spent. Lemon Balm popsicles, Lemon Balm syrup, etc, etc.

What I am grateful for: Mother Nature and her yummy treats.

What I am manifesting: Sales

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