Stalking my dream house, right next to the Freeway...

Last week I decided to take my dog and explore a park, or what looked like a park when I drove by for the millionth time while shuttling my kids to yet another creative and brain expanding class :).

I found paradise, right next to the freeway!! Little fairy paths, wildflowers, and NO PEOPLE!! Ok, my dog did get a little freaked out, I thought it was the peacocks, but it was actually the creepy people hiding in the bushes. Note to self: Take pepper spray and let Rex go on his instinct.

So this week we went back, with camera in hand, because I also discovered that right by this fairy country is MY DREAM HOUSE. It looks like Pippi's Villa Villakula, which you know is my idol for the perfect house. It's a bit creaky, but look at the potential :)...and it has its' own little mosquito breeding ground. I must say, the baby swans and peacocks might not be able to hang with Rex, but they sure are purdy. See anyone in the window???

Let me share.....

Close up of the house. I had an urge to go knock on the door...maybe next time, with back up.

Fairyland! Great for exploring...

My running partner in crime..will stalk houses with me any time.

All of a sudden the brush cleared, and we came to this! Poppy!!

I gathered, and thank Gaia for her purdy purple flowers....

OUCH! This stuff was everywhere. At first I thought it was a type of nettle, but it is not, still checking.

Much love,

What I am grateful for: Moments by myself to ponder nature.

What I am manifesting: The owner of this house gifting it to me :). We are the perfect inhabitants for this house.

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