Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 11


It is getting harder and harder to find the Zappers in my house! :) Guess it is time to zone in on the humane and community Zappers??

I am so concentrated on the zapping, I forget to share the fun stuff with you! Today, we were carless, so we harvested Chamomile....the zen of lopping off Chamomile heads while taking in the intoxicating scent of relaxation. Check it out.

SpiritZapper #10

The dog kennel.

We have an XL crate in our living room. A person of my size could live in there. My dog loves his crate, it is his peace place. I love my dog, and he needs to have his peace with the rest of the family.

Unfortunately, this big, black crate does nothing for the zen of our living room. Not only does it not match our "decor", which I would dub "witchy, fairy, colorful, with a bit of IKEA", but it also seems to attract CRAP like a magnet.

Ok, I am cleaning it off. Anyone have a remedy for magnetism??

What I am reading: Dragonfly in Amber, and various cookbooks I found at the thrift store.
What I am grateful for: My girlfriends
What I am manifesting: Sales

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