Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 15 & 16

Don't give up on me yet!


I am not falling behind, but cleaning up behind myself. I have spent the last two days one miscellaneous zapping. Funny, once things are a bit in order, others seem so much more URGENT.

Yesterday, I went into my daughter's room to drop off some clothes. I almost killed myself tripping over something. I will not embarrass her SHAMELESSLY (because she reads my blog daily) by posting a picture of what I saw when I opened her closet....but...between the rubbish on the floor and the closet crime scene, her room was deemed a SpiritZapper.

Yessiree. First of all, she has the best and biggest room in the house, she better damn well respect that I took the TINY room with no decent closet so she can stretch her wings. She couldn't stretch her wings in there, even she were a flea!

I love her :)....and vacuumed. No worries, I am not one of those moms that tears through her child's room in a rampage.

I am one of those moms that will put everything in one little convenient pile and give you a day to deal with it before I make a big bonfire.....

Love, Me

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