Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 20 - You will be quickly and safely removed.

Today I tandem-tackled the kid's rooms :).

After perusing the online stores for the perfect long, but not too high, and not too wide bookshelf, I realized that none of them were in my $5 budget. Then it hit me, I jumped into my car, raced to Home Depot. I bought a few concrete blocks and 10ft board, and VoilĂ !, the perfect shelf was born. And guess what? It has magic made B WANT to clean his room!!

On to the older child. There is a challenge that will take me at least 2 days.

She is tucked away safely at camp :), in the woods, singing "Kumbayah". She will be SO HAPPY when she comes home to a clean, fabulously scented (all natural, of course. Who am I??) room. And she will never know what fueled the bonfire that is going to make my marshmallows tomorrow night. And no, I do not want to hear any opinions on privacy. That died when I walked in there the other day and just about wilted. That room is mine.

What I am reading: Still "Dragonfly in Amber". I don't know, not grabbing me as much as the first one. Also "Teaching our kids responsibility".. :)
What I am grateful for: Going to the river with my family.
What I am manifesting: SALES, still.

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