Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 5


Day 3, 4, and 5 are coming together as a project!

Here is the new, painted dresser, and it has taken the spot of the old one:

I went from 5 very big drawers to 4 smaller ones :(. Which means I had to not only move everything around, I also had to do through stuff and eliminate. Good thing, but time-consuming.

Now to explains how day 3-5 have become a combined project, I decided to put the old dresser in my laundry room and use it as storage for my canning supplies (my million Mason Jars), and our art supplies. Since we do not have to go to it every day, it does not matter that the drawers either stick or come flying at you...

This posed a new problem, and my SpiritZapper for day 5. My laundry room (which was the reason I started all this, and you will see why.) It becomes the catch all for anything that does not have a space elsewhere in the house. I could also not walk in there to pull the old dresser out and the new one in......:

I just moved everything to one side, and am working my through.

Right now we are all resting. We went to the river and let Rex swim. It is cold today, but somehow he managed to get us all in the water. BRRRRRRR. Once I am defrosted, I will lock myself in the laundry room until I have spun all that junk into gold.....

What I am reading: Celtic Magic (cool little book I found at the thrift store the other day)
What I am grateful for: Freecycle, where the things I have no space for are finding good homes.
What I am manifesting: Sales. I want to be a fat artist.....

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