Ok, then, just kiss my butt.

Not you, this darn computer!
The original post had a different title, but since it crashed (FireFox that is) 3 times and lost all the photos, AND I had to upload all AGAIN...I am done, you hear? What is a visual post without photos???

So this is the last time. It better work. I am saving it right after this sentence, so if the post seems unfinished later, it is.

Ok, now on with my real post:

Wow...it has been a week since I wrote.

Honestly, my mind is so cluttered and chaotic right now, I do not make much sense to anyone but me.

So, I will write this post in pictures, and captions, for the "visualist" in all of you :). Much love, Heike

My daughter had the wonderful idea to look for a pair of MY (25+ year old) shoes to wear with HER (11 year old) outfit. I know I have cool shoes, but where did those big feet come from?? How can it be that I am already sharing shoes???

Ahhh..the last minute creative prep. New Goddesses, Goddess Rocks (they rock!), Beer Cap Pies, and some beans, freshly harvested from the garden. How does all this come together? I don't know, but this IS my life.

Goddess on the Rocks! Digging into my piles of rocks, I MAY be a bit of a rock hoarder...making beautiful use of them.

At the festival, with 2 hours of sleep, getting up early to take the dog to doggy day care. My cart broke, and we had to lug all this stuff in 100 degree heat. I did not have coffee yet. "SMMIIIIIIILLLLLLE" she says. Ugh. In the end, the festival was a bust. Never again, my Goddesses say..

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