SpiritZapping in a Nutshell

After 30 days of SpiritZapping, I have some thoughts:

1. I am still not quite used to paying cash for groceries and "extracurricular" activities. The first week I had $17.82 left over, the second week I ended up with $1.73 at the end of the week. Today, I bought $35.00 worth of fruit under the amused eye of German lady at our newly found fruit stand. That is alot of fruit, but my kids have already eaten half of it. They both had the "effects" of lots of stone fruit, LOL, so $17.50 virtually went down the toilet...

Wlth that said, paying cash is really opening our eyes, and making me say "NO" to quick fast food meals or other little extras that slurp our money.

Once we are over the shock, we will venture into paying cash for everything.

2. Taking each SpiritZapper area individually, and making it my day's mission to blast it, made things much easier. It is much less overwhelming this way, and the sense of accomplishment is FABULOUS! Now the challenge is to keep them clean. It also made me realize how much unnecessary junk we have, and how that zaps my energy every day :(.

3. 30 days is not enough.

4. One of my days was commissioned for "deleting" SpiritZapping people from my life. That is truly empowering. Cutting those ties. It does not mean I don't love them, or that I am deleting my history with them. I am just letting them go because they do not make me happy.

5. See Nr. 1. I do believe if more people would look at their spending, not only in time of need or economic disaster, they would get back the basics and stop being spenders, consumers, trashers. I love that my posts made some people re-evaluate, and that they empowered them to take the first step. :)

6. My kids are keeping their rooms clean. They are awesome. Once I gave them the base, they were able to go in and FEEL the good vibes :). Now they are doing it on their own. They are also helping keep the other parts clean, they are taking responsibily.

I am going to do this again, but am taking a break from it now. I think zapping "publicly" was a challenge on it's own, since I felt obligated not just to myself, but to the "public" :).

Thank you for following along with me, I hope I have inspired you to Blast your own SpiritZappers!

Much love,

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