Would they respect her more?

We just watched a few nature shows on PBS, and an interesting discussion came up.

If HUMANS were forced to live the way nature intended, would they respect Gaia more?

- It humans lived like they did before the modern conveniences of air conditioning and heat, of deep freezers and processed foods out of a box, would they respect the Earth for the wonderous living, nurturing creature it is? Would they celebrate the Seasons again, adjusting to survive each one?
- If they had to wait for the cool breeze to cool off instead of switching a button, would they fear global warming more?
- If they had to hunt for their food, kill it, skin it, cut it, then prepare it for storing, would they respect the life-giving energy of a cow or other animal more than they do now, seeing only a slab of meat on some styrofoam?
- What if everyone had to grow their vegetables or fruits themselves, would they respect nature more, or even just the hard labor of love of an organic farmer (who again, respects Gaia too much to poison her with pesticides)?
- Would families live in clans again to support each other? Would families sleep together for warmth, instead of being separated, each in their own room, if there were no heaters?
- Would they take shorter showers, if the showers were cold? Would they have smaller tubs, if they had the haul the hot water in by buckets, and out again the same way?
- Would they build sprawling suburbs were farms used to be, if they had to walk everywhere, use a bike or a horse buggy?

Watching the encroachment of animals, all in the name of human sprawl and convenience, and the blatant oblivion to the destroying of our Earth saddens me. It is just another choice humans are making, without thought of the future. I do wonder if we were just "unburdened" by all these conveniences for a short time, if it would open the eyes of HUMANS and save our Mother Earth from further abuse?

Just some thoughts from our dinner table, with love.

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