Cooking with the Spirits - Hello, Papa :)

Certain things I cook are not only tradition, they are linked to certain loved ones in my life. If they have passed over, the process of preparing, cooking, and then enjoying "their" dish brings them rignt into my kitchen, and to our table.

This one is from my Papa. You can buy Rotkraut in a jar in Germany (and now in the states in certain deli stores), but there is nothing like the real thing. This goes well with turkey :).

P.S. We all cook with the Simpler's Method, or like Amelia Bedelia...a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Adjust to taste.

Rotkraut (Red Cabbage)

1 or 2 heads of red cabbage, cut into "shreds", not too thin
1 large onion
Bay leaves and whole cloves
1 sour apple
Sugar, vinegar

I use a large cast iron pot for this recipe :).

Glaze cut up onion in vegetable shortening. Add cabbage, and about 2 cups of water (you can do a half water, half red wine :)..), seasonings. Let cabbage cook down a bit, add quartered apple. Simmer for about 60-90 minutes. Add a little apple cider, sugar, and salt to taste. If you like your Rotkraut thicker, you can mix a little cornstarch with cold water and add it, it makes the sauce thicker.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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