Countdown to a new life.

"You have to practically die, and wake back up".

Not his exact words, but that is what Dr. Wayne Dyer told me the other night at 2:30 am on PBS. I could not sleep, and thankfully was so frustrated that I decided to while my life away by watching TV.

Why would he say this? Well, what I heard was that you have to practically die and wake up "brand spankin' new" in order to drop all your baggage, your bad habits, your toxic friends, family, and life in general.....unless, of course, you are committed enough to begin following the Tao. Dr. Dyer fascinates me. Check out his "Change your Thoughts, Change your Life".

I swear I heard him say: "So Heike, the first step is to follow the 80/20 rule. And start in your closet, then tackle the rest of your life."

"Oh, and Heike? Get going now, 'cause you have a LOT to get rid of before we can continue."

In case you, as I, did not know the 80/20 rule before Dr. Dyer made it up for me personally:

You use 20% of your ______________(fill in the blank with your favorite. Mine immediate list: shoes, clothes, books, yarn, fabric, beads, shoes) almost every day and every time you need ___________________ (shoes?). The other 80% of your _____________________ sit there unused. Take that 80% and give it away immediately, with love. Then take your favorite item of your 20% of ________________, and give it to someone with love. There, that is ONE of the steps to changing your life.

Wow. This show came after a few other signs were dancing in front of my face, it is time for some radical change. Since then I have shredded 5 million pieces of paper, helped my kids sort through books, cleaned out my fridge (20% edible, LOL), and tomorrow I am finally ready to give my closet a radical shake. (Goodbye, green go-go boots, good bye embroidered vest...and some other loved family members.).

After all, Dr. Dyer told me so.

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