It's official...there are new hormones in the house.

It is here: The Tweens.

Adolescence is kicking me in the butt. My sweet baby is suffering from dual personalities. My sweet little Goddess, every once in a while her alter ego surfaces and turns her into a mainstream TWEEN. All my goddessy, green witchy, natural sweet mama upbringing just VANISHES, and the Tween takes over. Ugh. I knew it was coming....


She is still perfect, though every once in a while I have to bring her back down to earth. It is truly amazing what happens when your child, a baby, begins to find her own identity. They are formed by you, but are definitely beginning to pave their own journey.

I watch her with fascination, frustration, and pride.

I thank the Goddess for this blessing, and thank my baby for choosing me to be her mama :).

Now, to get my big girl panties on and jump right in......

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