From the Life of Me ~ It was all good, until I exploded the oven

This morning we finished up some more of our kitchen remodeling project. I still can't find space for all the things that were in my kitchen before we started painting. Today, I began to just throw things in the trash that I could not find space for. I wanted to hang up my pictures & misc. items, yet I could not find small nails. I also wanted to touch up any spots and the huge gash the clock that fell off the wall yesterday left (I was just yelling at one of my children to stop chasing the dog and making him crazy....and off plopped the clock. Just like that. I hid my laughter and I told him that was the rise in energy created by yelling, LOL. Creative parenting), yet, I could not find the small brush. So after doing our school work and getting dressed, we swooped up the dog and drove to our favorite nature area. After a nice long walk & exploration, and meeting a new dog friend, we made our way to our favorite thrift store, conveniently located 5 minutes away. May as well make the ride worth our while, right?

The oldest scored with the cutest jacket and 4 great books, the youngest found a bag full of Legos (Mama, look there are even LEGO PEOPLE!!!) for $4, and found a brand new J. Jlll linen dress in my FAVORITE color teal for $3 :)...

I am not vegetarian. We then went to buy some buffalo meat because after 4 weeks of not eating meat, my body was screaming for MEAT! I thought before I wake up at night as a wolf and accidently devour the dog, I had better listen and eat. So I made a delicious stew with buffalo and root veggies (Mama, this is your BEST yet!)

With my belly full, I decided to try out the recipe in this great book I found "Artisian Bread in 5 minutes a day". I made my dough, shaped my loaf, heated the oven with my stone. It also said to put in a broiler pan for the hot water (that will make steam, for the crust). I was too lazy to find my broiler pan, so I put in my favorite pyrex brownie pan. The beauty of this method is that you prepare dough once, put part of it in the fridge, and then all you have to do it pull it out and let it rest before putting it in the oven. Fast & fabulous, I love it!

My beautiful loaf slipped right onto the stone, then I quickly poured the hot water in the pyrex dish, and


It exploxed into 6 million tiny glass pieces.
Crap. I instantly realized why it said "Put a BROILER pan into the oven." It is metal, so when it is hot, it will not explode into tiny pieces. Yes, I did KNOW that, I may have just forgot.

So, I have just spent 2 hours picking pieces of glass out of my oven and off my floor. I have also learned to unscrew and remove the bake pan from the bottom of my oven, since we have gas, a ton of glass slipped into the slits :(...I had to throw my dough away, and am now baking the dough I had in the fridge for tomorrow.

I am drinking wine.


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