If I had only kept my mouth shut.

I am sure we have all had a time in our life when we wish we would have kept our mouths SHUT.

You know the instant the wrong thing comes out of your mouth. In your mind, you are saying "Oh shit." Yet, it is too late. It is out. You try to paddle back and save your grace, but you know deep down inside that the cat is out of the bag.

Or when the friend you spilled your soul to, turns out not to be such a close friend after all. Either you part suddenly over a difference, or you slowly drift apart. Intimate parts of your life have now become public knowledge.

How about our favorite Facebook & Twitter? Striptease on the internet.....I am always amazed at some of the things I read. Tirades, accusations, divorce announcement, love flings, busting out of others....Hmmm. You can hit that REMOVE button, but what has been said has been said. Once it is on the internet, baby, you can't take it back. Today, I saw so many wonderful things that made me laugh on my FB, but days like this are rare. Facebook and Twitter are revealing that inner need to expose ourselves, and get recognized for it.

How do we remedy this? Zip our lips? Bottle it up inside until we burst? Talk to ourselves?