Gruenkern Suppe

Tomorrow my Mama goes back home after staying with us for 4 weeks :(.

Time always flies when she is here. This time we did nothing but hang out. She babysat for me so that I could spend a FABULOUS weekend with my girl friends, cooked, hung out, watched a zillion episodes of WEEDS with me on the internet, and just discussed my woes of the world with me :).

We also experimented with new grains, and called forth the old ones I grew up with.

Here is a fav, my kids love it too.

Gruenkern Suppe for 4

1.5 cups of spelt
half of an onion
Veggie broth (or chicken or meat, to taste)
Miso (if preferred)

Cube onions and saute' lightly in olive oil. Add spelt and toast until browned. Fill up with about 4 cups of water (or chicken or meat broth if using). Cook for about an hour, or until spelt "bursts". Add about 2 tbls dry veggie broth, and about 2 large tbls Miso. Both of these are to taste, add more if you like it. If you like your soup thicker, take a good ladle of the soup and spelt and puree in the mixer. Add that back to your soup.

Now you can add grated carrots, chopped greens, is limited only by your imagination and what you have on hand :). Salt and pepper to taste.

Enjoy some nourishing tradition :).

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