Authentic = slightly unpopular or Superstar

The day you decide to be authentic and not give a toot about what others think, is the day you will become both unpopular and gain superstar status at the same time.

How quickly people will judge honesty as bitchiness. Saying what is true to "you", speaking your thoughts out loud, uttering your opinion and sticking to it even after you have heard others....well, it is quite "unladylike".


On the other hand, there are those who respect you because you are authentic. Because you say what you feel, wear what you want, like who you want, eat what you want, write what you want....In general, you do what you want. It is a stage in life that comes when you no longer give a toot, because, quite frankly, those that matter love you as you are, on good days and on bad. And the rest, well, they really don't matter.

Just my thought to take you into the lovely weekend.
With love,
The Real Me

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