On my quest for authenticity....

Every day I discover a new thing I can "naturalize" in my life. I always thought I was pretty natural & crunchy, but, by Goddess, there is still so much out there!!

Two days ago I had a few hours to myself, and headed to the thrift store for my weekly session.

I found "Back to Basics - How to Learn and Enjoy Traditional American Crafts".


This book can teach me every from making toys, planting food, canning it, making tools from scratch, surviving a disaster, making a rocking chair, skinning a rabbit and making leather from hide, making soda, making beer. I can also build a fence and a house. Once that is done, I can make cheese and other dairy products from the milk of my cows and goats. I can tap a maple tree. I can build a pedal bike that creates energy. Make masks & ointments. I will clean the hooves of my draft horses. I can build a root cellar. I will make my own sauerkraut.

The universe has sent me this book for a reason. My ranch is waiting....just have to find it :).

I am off to find a coon for my coon hat.