Can't live up to the simplicity with all my junk....

This weekend was dedicated to the attic.

I sent out a flag to all my friends to send out a search party in case they did not hear from me by the evening...who knew what was up there?? The dog keeps looking up and barking, I was afraid we might run into critters :). Then I would have to jump down the ladder and seal up the entrance.

We found wonderful memories. Photos from our travels, wedding, births of my two kids. Wonderful photos from my two other dogs, Caesar & Napoleon with my daughter when she was a baby. You an see the devotion in their eyes.... :). We found my stereo with turntable, and all our records. Zillions of yards of tull from my wedding, lol! Lots, and lots of things we have been missing, and bought double or triple because we thought we had lost it.

The house does not loose anything.

With a heavy heart, I let go of things. My husband is much more radical than, throwing stuff in giveaway bins. Geesh. He is right, hard to declutter when you don't let go. I have lived without these things for 5+ years, but still.

Today I am feeling much better about letting go. Emotional detachment is prime. I dropped of nice clothes and games at our local homeless shelter. Even the suit my husband wore to his papa's funeral. They were so appreciative, it makes me want to declutter even more. The emotional bond is much easier to break when you know someone else can, and will, use your belongings.

The goal: Getting out half of what we have by next week, moving around 3 rooms, painting them in the wonderful colors we each chose, and creating sanctuaries for all of us. I will have a HUGE table where I can create, and leave my creations when I need to take a break. I see days of Kitchen Witches, Goddesses, and sewing these awesome clothes I have in my head.

Hopefully, all of this will inspire me to live a simpler live, with out accumulating so much JUNK. Really, if I could have the money magically appear in my wallet of the all the stuff I never wore, used, lost and bought again....I would be a RICH woman.

Am putting a sign in my wallet, taped to my ATM card. It says:

Are you decluttering? Share with me, inspire me :).
Off to dig in the trenches!
Much love,

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