Join me on an adventure....

As you may know, I have been on quite a journey in the past months. Sometimes consistant towards my goals, sometimes consistant all over the place :)!

I have found that all things go better in the company of I hope you will join me in the next few months as I begin a more "charted" journey of discovery, fulfillment, goal setting, implementing, sweeping out the old, and welcoming the new.

When I say "join", I do not mean to just watch me, I hope you will "join" me interactively! I have been thinking about this for a while, and it one of the reasons I have let go of third party ads, etc. I want this to be a place of sharing, and support. Sharing of stories, of success, of challenges. Tears of joy, and tears of frustration.

No judgement, no opinions, only support & sharing.

We will share via the comments. Official beginning will be the Sunday after the next New Moon, and will will work with the magic of the moon. No worries, there will be no pressure, no grading, and it will fit in with your life, however chaotic you may think it to be. I promise :).

If you are ready to grab my hand and join this circle, say "AY"!

Much love,

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