JOURNEY: Happy Triggers

Think of something that makes you happy.

We all have Happy Triggers. Something you hear, something you see, a smell.....they bring back good memories, make you feel happy.

For me, a Happy Trigger is Noxzema. That pungent white face cleanser brings back happy childhood summers, going to the lake, starting the ritual of "taking care". I love the smell....The other day, I bought some for my 12 year old daughter. When I open the container, the whiff made me smile.

All I have to do is open the container and sniff :).

Now, find your Happy Trigger.

What is it?

Think, hear, smell, do.....whatever makes you smile. While you are smiling, and your energy is happy, say your affirmation to the Universe. Remember what you asked me, your Fairy, on Sunday?

"I want xxxxx"


What's your Happy Trigger?

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