JOURNEY: I'm your Fairy, what do you WANT???

Imagine you are asleep, and feel a little tickle on your nose. You scrunch, you sniffle, you SNEEZE!

You open your eyes, and there is a glittery apparition.

"I am your Fairy. I will grant you ANY wish. only have 5 seconds to make the wish."

Tick. You panic.
Tick. You race through all your NEEDS in your mind.
Tick. You panic more...
Tick. Now your WANTS are creeping up.
Tick. You have to DECIDE!!!

Time's up. POOF. She's gone........

Every day we are faced with decisions. Doing what is best, or doing what we want?

If someone grants us one wish, do we wish for what we NEED (which most likely include what a whole lot of other people need, including the dog.), or can we be "selfish" and wish for what we WANT? Do we have to wish for something huge, since the opportunity may never present itself again?

I would always say I would wish for a million dollars. In my mind (then), money was the cure for everything. And, a million dollars can buy me a whole lot of what I WANT. Right? Wrong. At least, that is not how I feel today, because I no longer believe money alone can buy you happiness & fulfillment. It's nice, I love it, but it is not the cure for a deep need to fulfill one's passion.

Today, I am your Fairy. Fairy Wishforwhatyouwant. Do not think about what bills need to be paid, do not help anyone else, do not think about how you are going to get it, how you are going to have time for it once you get it, how long it takes, when it will arrive, what others will think, or....why you should get it. Be selfish and self-indulgent. The first thing that comes to mind is probably what you REALLY want. Don't overthink it.

No manners here. Be bold & simple. This fairy only understands primal language :). Primal language means nouns & verbs. Ever train a dog? Then you know "Sit!", works a lot better than "Can you please sit down, Honey?".

For example:
"I want purple hair."

Start simple and embellish later, still keeping your wish clear so there is no miscommunication. I will start with mine to give you an idea :).

"I want to attend Denise Linn's Soul Coaching at Summerhill Ranch."

This is what I want. I will say this first thing in the morning, and last thing at night.


What do you want?

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