JOURNEY: Just do it....

I got to experience the pure innocence and lack of all inhibitions again.

Only, it was not me being carefree, but my son, who is 8. I took him to the public pool, swam with him for an hour, and then let him head out on his own. Within 3 minutes he joined a group of kids that were there for summer day camp.

He played with a dozen or so different kids until it was time to leave. As we were walking to the car, he says: "I made a lot of new friends, Mama!".

He did not care what they looked like, talked like, how old they were. He did not care if he never saw them again, and probably does not know their name.

It does not matter, he lives for the moment.

Today (or tomorrow!), I challenge you to live for the moment. Walk up to someone who you think looks interesting, or who you have been eying for months now, but never talked to, and just introduce yourself. It does not matter who/what/why, or if they scream and run away :).

Have no inhibitions, this is the first step to loving your authentic self.

I have done this a few times, and can tell you that it has added people to my life that I just LOVE!! Had I not just talked to them, they would have walked in and out of my life...and I know what I would be missing.

So, go, just DO IT :).

And then tell us what happened.

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