JOURNEY: Stillness.....

My life is loud, and a bit chaotic. It seems that there is always something chattering in my head....the computer, the phone, the kids, the dog.....or maybe the TV as background noise as I seldom sit down to watch something. If it is quiet in the house, I guarantee you that one of my neighbors has their garden people blowing away three leaves with leaf blower. I have a feeling the leaf blowing maniacs enjoy polluting my world with noise, while they are wearing protective ear muffs.....

With that said, everything is fairly quiet between 11PM and 8AM. You may notice that most of my writing, posts, FB banter, etc, happens between these times. I also paint Goddesses or create my Kitchen Witches then, because it is QUIET!!! I can have, and complete, a thought process.

Now that the summer is here, I have another place to escape to:

My hammock. In the mornings, my dog wakes me up between 6am and 6:15am, like an alarm clock. I let him out in the back yard, and follow him to lay down on my hammock :). Decked out with a pillow and my favorite blanket, I snuggle up under my tree. It is so peaceful. If I don't fall back asleep, lulled in the cool morning air.....I listen to the birds, the bees, and other sounds of the morning. The leaves of the tree swishing....Every once in a while I get a sloppy dog kiss (I am at the perfect height when laying in my hammock, he does not have to stretch!), or get knocked in the head with a dirty, slimy, well loved squeaky toy, but other than that, it is PEACE.

BLISS & PEACE?? I realize that I write often of these "spots" in my life. It is because I am very conscious of how "peaceful" I am when I am there. I am not meditating, I am not doing breath exercises, I am doing nothing but consciously enjoying my moment there, without any outside "chatter". Our world is noisy; it seems we are becoming more wired, more distracted, more torn to multi-task constantly.

BTW, even my children have a PEACE spot, they picked it completely unknowingly, and call it is under a weeping willow, buy a stream, in our park.

Where is your PEACE spot?

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