Woman! Identify yourself! Elevator speech....

I was recently in the position of having to “introduce” myself.

Weirdly, I was at a loss for words.

I sat there, and thought about ME, and did not know what to say. Well, I did have lots to say, but it sounded pretty boring...and when did I get boring?

Thankfully, this intro was on a forum, so I did not look like a speechless, or garbling idiot. I had some time to pout & ponder on the subject of ME. I think it may have been Spirit that was patting me on the back, saying: “It’s okay Heike, you are not BORING. You are just in transition, so you don’t really know who you are right now.”


With that mind, I wrote something like: This is what I do, but really, I have to write another intro when I have figured out who I am right now.

I made a list.

In the day, I am: Mama, daughter, chauffeur, teacher, playmate, doctor, witch, cook, maid, hair dresser, grocery shopper, seamstress, laundress, dog trainer, dog walker, chicken feeder, negotiator, banker, accountant, wife, friend, researcher.

When I do business, I am: Goddess caller, Goddess pendant maker, painter, Kitchen Witch maker, writer. Wait, is that business or pleasure?

In spirit, I am: a gypsy, a traveler, a witch, a student of herbs, a singer, a runner, a Thai cook, a soul coach.

In my other life, when I was in sales & direct sales, I always had an “Elevator Speech”. I had it for impromptu encounters, and for that testy “So, what do YOU do?” (Notice, not WHO ARE YOU, but WHAT DO YOU DO?) . The challenge is to introduce yourself, and your business, to a stranger in 1 to 2 minutes, about the time you would ride with them in an elevator. This was simple, when I was: “Hi my name is Heike, I am a Director with Highlights Jigsaw. I am sure you know Highlights, the popular children’s magazine?” I could strike up a conversation with ANYONE with that. I could give you a run down of all my elevator speeches, but that part of my life is fairly faded for me.

So, taking my ME bullets above, I could say:
“Hi, my name is Heike, and I am a Goddess butt painter, and Kitchen Witch Creator. Do you already have a Kitchen Witch?”

“Hi, my name is Heike. I am an expert in feeding & raising children, dogs, and chickens. How can I help YOU organize your family?”

“Hi, my name is Heike, and my specialty is making a meal in 15 minutes out of leftovers, and all the ‘we have no food’ items in my fridge. Are YOU up for a challenge like that?”

“Hi, my name is Heike, and I wrote & published a book. You have never heard of it? Where do you live?”

“Hi, my name is Heike, and I am embarking on an adventure experiment across the country. I am looking for sponsors, would you like to see YOUR name on my van?”

“Hi, my name is Heike. I can clean/fix anything, will work for free. As long as you don’t talk to me and let me have peace. Now, what can I do for you?”

I could go on for days. It is much harder to “identify” yourself when you are not letting something outside dictate who you are. It is much easier to identify with a job title, a mama/wife/? title, a group position.....It seems to have more value than just saying: “Hi, I am Heike.”

There you go. I am Heike. I consider myself without title right now. I am transitioning, as I do in different phases in my life. I am just going to own it.

My elevator speech is four syllables long.

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