Calling all Muses, or in my case, Goddesses.

For Heike the Artist, the “block” is like a high fever that won’t go away. I get restless, antsy, and clearly frustrated with the world. I feel lethargic, and inside me is that something that is just screaming to get out, yet it can’t find an “out-let”. The Block rages through, and when it is done clearing my senses, opening my mind, teaching me to be grateful for my leaves me to start over and create.

I cannot fathom living without expressing myself. This can take on the form of writing, verbal expression (yep, LOVE to talk :)...), cooking, playing with Pay Doh, painting, building Lego houses.....the list goes on. ART is not only painting or drawing, ART can take on a hundred forms. EXPRESSING what is in your soul is the happiness?

Over the last years, I have had many blocks. For me, it is always worst when my Goddesses & Witches hold back on me, not only because they support me, but because I feel as if I have lost a best friend. They are my ART. Watching a Goddesses emerge from a piece of clay, then transforming the visual she gives me into paint (Yes, they do tell me what they look like :)...I am just the messenger), is amazing. When a Goddess is complete, she exudes the energy she has chosen, and I am proud to pass that on to whomever she chooses to go to. The Witches...ah...they are another story. They are my feisty, mischievous friends, who are so good & whole deep down, they just ground me. Making Witches makes me laugh. As they emerge, their personalities just jump out.....and they crack me up and are good for my spirit. They never let me forget, though, that they have an important job. When they hold back, I miss the laughter.

So what do I do in this time of blockage??? Crawl in a cave, float on a river, let the waves of the Sea wash over me??? I wish. In reality, Heike the Artist has many other responsibilities, and they do not cooperate with my sleeper times. I keep going, with the hope that something will snap me out of it.

Am I writing this because I am in a dark space now? Yes, ma’am. WEEKS have passed, and every time I pick up my materials or brushes, something pulls me away. Yet, two days ago a friend posted that she is in Sedona, and that her Goddess is attracting attention...There was my rope. For those that know me, I have been talking about going to Sedona for YEARS! The Goddesses are now dancing in my head...I can’t form them fast enough. I also did something special for Heike the Artist, who usually has to stand back for other things in life, and enrolled in the Creative Goddess E-course. Even though this may sound like an infomercial, I will share my experience with you. This morning I listened to the meditation, and it walked me through crushing the “boulder” that is in my way on my path to happiness. My boulder = “No time for my art Spirit.”

After the meditation, I went for a walk. I kept seeing the Red Rocks of Sedona :)...even though I was here:

I have decided to schedule time in my calendar just for my art Spirit. I will close the door to my room, shove all the Legos and other things in there to the side instead of starting a clean up dash....turn up my music, and CREATE. I will leave the rest of my world to their own defenses and be assured that they will survive.

I have also printed out the map & route to Sedona to hang on my wall by my desk. Just a reminder.........

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