Where did THAT come from? New discoveries on the "same ol' path".

Sometimes, it takes a new mindset to see what is really in front of you.

I have been making many changes lately. Some are physical, but most of them are internal....they are all between me & my brain.

This morning, I had the most amazing experience. I live close to a large park, and have been walking this park for about 14 years. This morning I woke up early, so I decided to walk my dog in the rising sun :). It's quite beautiful early in the morning, and cool enough for both of us.

I have been grappling with health issues for the last few years. Recently, I visited a new doctor, and he suggested I analyze my "stress". Interesting. My mom has been telling me for years I need "relax" more, but I guess in my mind I am thinking: "Stress? Me?".

I walked out the door consciously thinking: “I am grateful for this peaceful, beautiful morning and my dog, who will walk with me happily ANY TIME I WANT and be grateful for all the smells he experiences.” Really, the dog gets so excited, and no matter how often we walk, he still stops at every tree along the way, sniffing his little heart out. I am aware of the “doggy paper”...but watching him made me realize that there is always something new, no matter how often you tread the same path. You just have to be open to it.

I also started wearing my iPod on my walks, either listening to music (drums, Native Indian flutes, folk, classic....I try not to listen to music that distracts me, like the kind I listen to when I clean :)...), affirmations by Louise Hay, lessons from Abraham, or meditations from the fabulous Leonie of the GoddessGuideBook (come with the e-courses). My walks become much longer, because I become engrossed in the sound and senses of the morning.

On the way back, I walked under a tree that I have walked by thousand times or more, and saw this:

Really, I have never seen these blooms. They are just beautiful. Assuming that the tree, and the 2 next to it, are not blooming for the very first time in their long life, it made me wonder how I could have missed them all these years?

Becoming more aware, more grateful for what I have right now, and realizing that looking at things in a different way can be the solution is just invigorating.

Take a moment today, do something you always do, but first make the conscious decision to open your eyes & senses.

Much love,
The perfect follow-up to a long walk :).