An abrupt kink in the path

Job Title: Dragon Tamer
I am constantly seeking my "path". I believe now that this is a never-ending story, as I have yet to meet a person who believes they have found their final "purpose" in life.

 :)...Thank the Goddess, as my "I am going to make it big and build my empire by the time I am 30" is long past :).

 I do meet people who are happy where they are. They are accomplished in my eyes, but are still seeking to learn. Lately, I am meeting them more and more, I think it is my Spirit Guide sending them to me in order to help me make my way without falling into the hamster wheel mode, the one where I tread unnecessary waters.

 Do you know that feeling?

 As I progressed in my business course, the one that is guiding me to streamline the financial side of my biz (yes, I say it. I say it because even Goddess Painters have to pay for electricity), I began doing the "what do you do well?" worksheets. As I doodled my uninhibited thoughts, I realized that an old business dream of mine came up. Long story short: I once heard that if you are looking for a product or service, and can't find it, chances are another person is looking too. That is the ideal business. So I am on it, while I am fine tuning what I have.

Do you have a dream that is waiting on the back burner for you to DUST IT OFF? 

So, my lovelies, why am I babbling about my cluttered business blurbs? Because the time/circumstance will never be perfect, unless you will it to be so. Because the one thing my latest "meetings" have shown me is that you don't have to have found your ULTIMATE PURPOSE to be accomplished, happy, & can be all that and still adventure.

Go grab that bull by the horns, Goddess! :) Much love, Heike  PS. Want some Goddess love, hand holding, butt kicking while you create, recreate, rejuvenate, search &  find, dream & realize, find your inner Goddess, roar, & ...etc?.....Leonie is offering her early bird Goddess Circle Discount until July 2! EVERYTHING is included..check it out. If you go, find me there, sistah!