How I get into strange houses without getting arrested...

Today was yet another fabulous find day. My son and I are solo today, so we picked out two estate sales (yes, this is what we do for fun :)..), and headed out.

I LOVE, yes LOVE estate sales. I know it must sound horrific, as estate sales are usually followed by death, but I love them anyways. I have a hidden agenda: they often allow me to go into the old houses I adore, how else get access without getting arrested? I have mentioned before, houses speak to me, and oh my, do I get an earful some times! Some places repel me immediately when I open the door, and I leave without even treasure hunting. I also love the stories. Unfortunately, many estate sales here are handled by companies, not the family, so I have to make up my own story some times by the things I see & feel :), and with the help of my very intuitive and imaginative kids.

This is the case today, and I will share with you:

House #1: Successful South Sacramento Real Estate Agent.
Lives in an area that is pretty down trodden now, but there is an enclave of houses that are big, with great properties! This woman loved her shoes & hats! I found hats from the 40's on up, and lots of them. Surely she was a distant cousin of Imelda Marcos, and strived to outdo her fabulous cousin? Lots of tie up boots, it seems she liked dressing up in period costumes. Hundreds of shoes.... Unfortunately for me, her feet were too small. So was her head. I wandered around with a red, fur cloiche hat with feathers....kept putting it on my sons little head to make sure it was REALLY as small as it said...contemplated stretching...but alas...I left it. I ended up leaving everything I carried, two hats, two dresses, not sure why, but they did not want to go with me. There must have been a man around some time, as there were about 100 taken apart fans in the back yard, and lots & lots of flashlights, and other "pieces" of stuff that reminds of a tinkerer. My son, who cannot bare to see fruit go to waste, asked if he could pick some of the ripe lemons, asian pears, asian plums, and peaches :). I found a very sharp, heavy duty pair of clippers, perfect for my emerging garden. No pictures of people in this house, but very strange pictures of small white children & babies (painted). She had lots of "stuff", and a cool vintage red Mercedes, covered in dust, in the garage. I did get a sad vibe, but she definitely had style. Total cost: $1

House #2: Man who loves his toys.

We were in love.....
This was listed as a GUY SALE. We came here because the teaser for my son was a boat for sale, and mine was a vintage car. This car and I, love at first site. Forgot my phone at home, so I have swiped the pic from the notice. They were asking $1999. Had I had $1000 cash in my hand instead of the $20 I budgeted for my day of fun, that baby would have been MINE today.  The seller saw that it belonged to me, and it was obvious that I had some knowledge behind those starry brown eyes. What can I say?
The man who lived here loved to build, reminded me so much of my Opa,  the house was well kept. By the time we got there it had been pretty picked over and some really weird energy. He must have loved his wife, lots of china and cabinets still intact, and we all know how much dusting goes into unnecessary open china cabinets! That spells L-O-V-E.  They were religious people, and like making things. She had a fabulous sewing room (always love sewing rooms, wish I had one), which is where I found my treasures: 1 vintage pair of change a blade pinking shears (with the box!!), a vintage Piper Cub airplane model (with the box!), a beautiful, although stained, 50's era dress, a National Geographic Collectors edition best photos, a bag full of embroidered edging and metal buttons & clasps from Norway, and a tall plastic thingy of drawers. Whoever was selling the house did not care what things brought in, they wanted the house empty. My luck. Final cost: Hold on tight....$12

One of my favorite houses was a while back, the lawyer with the French wife. I fell in love with these two, obviously passionate people who did what made them happy. The house was filled with furniture and couriosities that vibrated love. It was weird, the house was in a totally strict looking sub-division (you know, the one where you do not dare plant a bold flower in the front yard.). When we drove up, I though "ugh", but was pleasantly surprised when we went in. The couple selling was not related, but the man got about excited about the stories as I was! :)....Than is how I got my beautiful blue mason jars, for pennies, as he thought "I" should have them. I found lots of bottling, fermenting, and wine making supplies. An old bottle of home-made Patisse....they had  travel books and souvenirs from all over the world. We bought a few treasures that day, one of my favorite is the naked lady that was hanging in their hallway :).....she graces our bathroom now, and is one of a series of "Naked Ladies" published in the early 19oo's, according to the writing in the back.

Again, it brings me back to the fact that no matter how much you value your stuff, no matter how well you take care of it......only keep it if you love it and it makes you happy. If you go, it will be harped off for the best price (or free, if you are lucky and someone like me who will LOVE it over comes along).

Have a great weekend, 
Much love,