The Blue Moon my way

I was just outside, in my favorite chair, basking in the light of the Blue Moon, sipping a cold beer. Yes, my full moon rituals are non traditional, they are for me only, so I make the rules. I have stopped following what "I am supposed to do" a long time ago. I used to beat myself up for missing the rituals, not preparing, not being in the right mood to celebrate. I stopped going to gatherings, because sometimes, even though the rituals & goddesses were AMAZING, and the energy was incredible, it did not "feel" right. One full moon, I was sick. I stayed home, and when all was quiet, I took a ritual shower, bundled up, and laid on my hammock in the moonlight. It was the best, most rejuvenating and spirit jamming full moon ever.


Tonight, the rare Blue Moon. She is preparing to be completely full at 6:58am in the morning. Most likely, I will be fast asleep, as my full moon nights are always energetic and full of tasks. This night will be filled with witches & pendants, as they are all jabbering and waiting to be finished, especially after their Blessing.

This Blessing was different than the many others. The witches are happy, giggly, mischievous, ready to work their magic in their new spaces. One has a special assignment, she is the "tribute" of the clan, she will help my buy the new camera we so desperately need. She already knows.....

The pendants are what brought me to tears. As I held them out to the moon, their energy swirled. As I held them close to my heart, they made me cry. Happy cry. They are here to heal. They are so beautiful and strong, and have let me know specifically that they are healers. They also let me know that they need to be finished, as their women are waiting for them.

I spent my personal time with La Luna, enveloped in a light breeze that was hugging me, animals chirping. Arranging my goddesses for a recharge (we all need a little boost on a regular basis, and my goddesses get a workout!), sinking my minerals in water, lighting a cinnamon scented candle....Tears of relief streaming down my face. She knows what I need, even if it is a swift kick. I got the message.

I am grateful for my life, and my mission here.
Sending you all some Moon love,  and hope your
wishes are granted.
With love,