The mermaid goes on land & morphs

When I was younger, every time I broke up with a boyfriend or wanted to rebel, I changed my hair. Cuts, shaves, color, perms, etc.

A little over a year ago, I began to grow my hair after many years of having it short. I was compelled to let it grow as I was taking on more studying, kind of a "badge" for my knowledge.

"You look like a witch." My family said this often when I let my hair down.

Strangely, I wore it twisted, braided, or otherwise constrained most of the time. It grew & grew, and all of a sudden it was down my back.

As I was making my list of things to let complete before I start my "2013", the word HAIR kept coming up. Yes, that creeping little SPONTANEOUS urge kept inching up and saying:  CUT! For me, growing my hair long was a spiritual journey. I used to call it Mermaid hair, and it is quite fitting to the way I spent the last year. It went by like a blink, and I kept noticing how a week, or month would go by without me realizing it. I would get obsessed about the things I did NOT do, even traditional things like jamming, fermenting, etc. Again, as I was listing all the things I did not complete, and am not planning on completing in my"Create an Incredible 2013"  workbook  :) myself permission to let them go, HAIR popped up.

The weirdest thing is after tending and growing out my hair, it was very easy to tie it in a pony tail, hand my son the scissors, and make cutting it off a part of our Solstice night.

Not sure where I am going with it yet, but right now it feels free. Perfect for a new year :).

Right before we cut :).

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