Let's take it outside and duke it out

I love my kids more than everything.

I homeschool them both.

We are together 24/7.

Have I mentioned I love them?

There are days when I would gladly put them in school, any school, just to give them the opportunity to live on someone elses schedule, and to get them out of each others' hair. Yes, and to get them out of my bubble.

Have I mentioned our house is only about 850sq/ft?

We have an interesting dynamic. My kids are 5 years apart, girl & boy, and are CONSTANTLY at each other. But take them apart, and they immediately miss each other. They fight like cats & dogs, and the next moment they are huddled together under the blanket watching some horrendous show together, cackling like wild dogs.

I am mama, warden (yes, warden), fairy, teacher, tutor, coach, witch, cook, chauffeur, secretary, technician, nurse, and cuddler, all before noon.

There are days, like today. Discontentment, yelling, roaring.  I feel like taking my two sweet children, and the dog.  opening the door, pushing them out, and locking it behind them. They make me CRAZY!!

That's when I know it is time to pack them all in the car, and drive somewhere by the river.

Nature is like magic. My teen has miraculously removed the permanently attached iPod from her hand. My son is no longer bouncing around like a tennis ball, cool as a button, enchanted by nature...rocks, flowers, holes, bugs, water......my dog is like a happy puppy (as long as none of stray too far :)...the herding instinct never goes away), splashing around in the river, running in and out until he hides his stick because he happily DONE. My son kicks off his shoes and and runs in the water, happy as can be, even though the water is still freezing cold.

Me? As soon as I step out of my car onto the river rock, I am ZEN. My gaze goes down and I automatically start searching for that perfect rock. My house and property are filled with river rock, I love them so :). I breathe deeply, and am glad I am no longer stuck in my little house with 3 other swirling spirits that need to get out and TWIRL. The rushing water mesmerizes me, and though I am not supposed to step in the water now due to a wound, my dog tricked me in. My first thought was "FEAR! Open wound!". Then spirit kicked in and let me know it was ok, it was time to go back to the river.

We played, took pictures, sorted rocks, splashed, walked......LAUGHED.

Yes, we laughed.

Nature did it again. Magic spells :).


These rocks say it all.

Funny ducks...they kept following me.

Happy Dog

Harlem Shake :)


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