The Epithany in my Cabbage

 The month of January is over. The first month of 2013. The month where you are supposed to get off your ass and start over, a clean slate. The month where you will file all your receipts so the tax filing in 2014 will not be as hellacious as in 2013, 2012, 2011…….
In the past, for me, it has been THE month of pressure. Usually, by end of January I am always just as chaotic as I was at the end of December. As I am this year.
HELLO 2013!
I do have an excuse. Remember, I burned my foot on a heating pad? (If you don’t, I did.) My “little” burn turns out to be a second degree burn that I am still dealing with, and I have worn the same pair of shoes since December 31st. It is in such a weird, strategic spot that it has seriously hindered my life style.
I have come to the conclusion that this freak accident was a sign. A few weeks ago, someone (one of many) asked me about my resolutions. I said “I have decided to throw any resolutions in the wind and wing it. January is screwed anyways”. And with that, I was free.
Free to take my goals for 2013, and start slowly. Free to sit in the café with my tribe TODAY and talk over my marketing strategies & business goals for the year, feeling that they are more heart centered, than pressured. Free to tell people “I am working on it.”, and to be good with that.
Sometimes, it is good to let things lie and “ferment”, ending up with a finished product that is much more wholesome than the fresh item.
When I go home,  I went into my pantry. There were the 6 heads of cabbage that I bought weeks ago with the ambition of making sauerkraut. They have been moved  several  times, rolled behind the laundry, screamed for attention. Yet, I ignored them. But today, the day I was actually going to cut them up for the chickens and the compost, they surprised me with this:

All cabbages have little sprouts of what looks like cabbage babies! I have never seen this before. I see this as a sign of the Universe.
“Heike, it is wonderful that you have let these lie, they are now creating new life, doubling & tripling themselves!”
I am sticking to it. Putting them in the garden to see what happens. The same goes for my goals for 2013. I started today to putting what is in my heart & brain on paper so it can expand into the world.
Better  to do IT late than not at all. The Universe says so!
P.S.  I have said it before, and will say it again. If you need a fabulous  visual, a guide to put your thoughts on paper, a brain extractor that takes those wild & crazy dreams and puts them in words, check out the 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Calendar & Workbook.  Yes, it is ok start in February J.
Much love,

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