Life sucks

I am finding more and more that certain people love tragedy. It is as if they thrive on the negative aspects of their life, instead of the positive. Unfortunately, they have a way of influencing the circle around them, people or animals that they touch.

I am not one of those people. Actually, their aura gives me sad vibes. I want to help them. I want to pull them up by their coattails and say: "STOP!!"

Is this possible? "Thinking positive", or the Law of Attraction, is a billion dollar industry. People want to be be happy, they want their dreams fulfilled, they WANT.  But, isn't that counterproductive? If you WANT all the time, instead of being in a blissful state of gratefulness?

How can you be in a blissful state of gratefulness when your life is shit right now??

Now THAT is the billion dollar question.

I don't have the answer, otherwise I would be a billionaire :).

This is what I have learned, and what I live by now: Even when things suck, and it seems to be getting worse, there is SOMETHING in your life that you can be grateful for. THAT is what you want to think about, that is what will make you smile, and help pull you out of the rut. You take whatever challenge you have, and think about what you are supposed to learn from it.

We are going through some challenges now, and that is exactly how I am keeping from freaking out. I am analyzing the situation, picking out what my lesson is. I remind myself of all the fabulous things I have every day: my family, my friends, my dog who is definitely a teacher on primal & simple living (more on that later), my home. I have lots of things in abundance, much of what I don't need right now. These things make me reflect on the reason I bought them, and that makes is very easy for me to give them away to friends, with love. They think I am doing them a favor, when they are actually doing ME a favor :).

My advice? Get quiet,  move away from panic, ground yourself (leaning up against a tree, by yourself, is like a miracle worker touching your brain), and learn your lesson. Then, remind yourself that you are powerful, and figure out step one. Leave behind any inhibitions, and just DO IT.

Always remember: YOU are the creator of your own destiny.

The Universe has got your back!
Much love,

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