BIG things can happen in 30 days!

Doing ANYTHING at all that you have to think about for 30 days is challenging. Let's be honest.

When my fantastic friend Julie emailed me her 30 day challenge, I was intrigued. I would not never copy her challenge, because I am authentic enough to admit that I would fall off THAT wagon on Day 3.  I have learned my limits.

I am inspired to start a challenge of my own. It is simple, doable, YOU CAN JOIN ME, and it will make a big impact in the end.

My clear theme this year has been been RIDDANCE. I feel very "weighed down", making it hard to exert positive changes and start new adventures. I have some great ideas of things I want to do and share, but get overwhelmed by the everyday shit, both literal and physical, in my life. I also need to loose a good 5-10 for health reasons. I think it is all a magic cycle: You accumulate stuff, clutter, negative thoughts, problems, weight, more stuff.

Short and sweet.

Every day, for 30 days,  I will GET RID of something that does not make me happy. This can be
School is over......
anything at all, or many things. There are no rules.

When I have found my GET RID object, I will post it on Instagram (find me under Goddess in the Groove) with the hashtag #Heikes30Day. If you want that item, you can come get it :). Or I can ship it. Otherwise, I it will go into the "Touch and DIE!!!" box, and I will make a donation run every 2 days. Or maybe I will put it in the driveway with a FREE sign. I will work that as I go. Suggestions are welcome.

Fridays will be my catch up days, I will post my thoughts and a camera roll. Let us start today, June 2, and go to July 2.

Let's see what happens. This could be BIG! If you join me, let me know and use #Heikes30Day so I can enjoy your shit RIDDANCE too :).

Much love,