Goddess Holiday Gift Guide!

Republished from Nov. 24th, 2013. Classics are timeless :). 

It's that time of year!

I LOVE the Holiday season :). I also stopped buying expensive gifts years ago, and that seems to be part of the stress people feel. This year, I am your Goddess Elf, and I will help you put together some FANTASTIC gifts, or give you some ideas, incorporating my Witches & Goddesses :). During the month of November & December, you will also receive a sample of my favorite Root Tea to warm you up & nourish your body, and with each order you place on my Etsy store, you will receive a $5 coupon to use on your next order :).

#1 Vintage Dreams

Together with the lovely Adella, this makes a great gift for your lovelies that are intrigued by history, enjoy shabby chic, have an old kitchen like mine :), or are gypsyish.

A great place to find accessories for the Kitchen Witch of your choice is estate sales or thrift shops. You could find an old blue mason jar, and put your favorite recipe in, or some cool kitchen tools. Linens are always wonderful. I always check for rips & stains. Usually, a good soaking in Oxyclean & hot wash gets out any stains. Embroidered tablecloths are my favorite finds, just think of all the love that went into them :). The one in the picture was embroidered by my Oma.

"Mastering the Art of French Cooking" in the background is one of the early additions that I found in a garage box at a sale for $1! Remember to dig around at estate sales, the treasures are often hidden and waiting for the right person :). If you can't find it, you can always order a new copy :).

#2 The Green Witch

Do you have a Green Witch in your life? You can pair the crafty Louinda up with one, or all, of these great witchy items. Find some old herb books at the thrift store, or order one of my favorites:
1. The Real Witches Kitchen
2. The Way of the Green Witch 
3. The Book of Herb Cookery (this one is out of print, but it may find you at a library sale :).)

Add a mortar for grinding herbs (these come in so many shapes & sizes! I like stone or ceramic), or some wonderful packs of herbs & spices. Make a special tea mix for your Witch, or you can order my favorite Root Tea, mixed by me, via Herbmagik (when available!).

Each of these gift ideas could also be paired with a beautiful vintage apron. Just make sure it has pockets!

#3 The Fermenter or Health Nut

 Creating bubbly concoctions is the thrill of any Kitchen Witch, and if they are fermented, they are super fabulous for your health :). Pair the vivacious Frederika with some bubbly temptations!

1 . Wild Fermentation. Definitely a must for all new & seasoned fermenters. Love the simplicity of the recipes, perfect for first timers.
2. Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats
Must I say more? Another must have! Not only does it have fabulous recipes, it is full of valuable information & explanations. Plus, it is pretty :).
3. Share a Kombucha scoby and a recipe for your favorite kombucha!
3. Make sourdough starter and share a jar with your favorite bread recipe.
4. Add a tea mix you make, or order the Root Tea I mix here :).
5. All you need is cabbage & a mason jar, and you an make your sauerkraut! Pickle-Biotic Home Fermentation Kit  makes it simple.

#4 The Goddess!

I may be bias, but I believe every woman (and girl!) needs a Goddess!
A Goddess makes a wonderful gift for yourself, a young girl, or another woman that you love. While supplies last, each one will come in a cloth pouch (pattern is a surprise, I make them from beautiful fabrics I find on my treasure hunts :).)
My book, "Musings from the Goddess Within", has short stories, anecdotes, and musings from 3 generations of women. You can see excerpts here. If you order a Goddess, you can get a copy of my book for a special price of $8. Just add "BOOK" to the comments when you order the Goddess, and I will add it to your invoice & order.

Don't forget to check my Etsy store for other great treasures, such as vintage cowboy boots, angels, Vitches, & more! 

If you are sending a gift, I will be more than happy to include a card with a personal message from you. You can choose from a traditional Christmas card, or something more eclectic. Below are some examples.

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide, and don't forget to spoil YOURSELF!!

Much love,

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