Thankfully,  my parents recognized this when I was a child.

I have always been "Mondsüchtig", or moonstruck.

A few days before, and a few days after a full moon, something deep inside me stirs and I am awake & zooming. The nights are long, and I am awake. As a child, I read, and went through at least one Nancy Drew book or several new comic books a night. Now, as an adult, I get up and clean, write, or I pull out my giant art box and felt magical creatures while my mind roams. I always have Full Moon Blessings for new Witches & Goddesses.

My own children show signs, but right now both of them are sleeping deep. Just in case, they have been prepared.

In school, I spent some days dozing off. As a young adult, I always had jobs with odd hours, so this did not affect me so much. Later, when I held 9-5 jobs, full moon days meant lots of coffee & power naps. Thankfully, I make my own hours now, so taking a nap in the middle of the day is not out of the question.

With the rare Christmas Full Moon coming up in a few days, I wanted to share some of my favorite insomnia distractions:
1. A full Moon and Christmas Day has always been linked in many stories, movies and television shows. Examples include the TV specials, Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer, and the movie The Santa Clause. One of my favorites to watch: "Moonstruck" with Cher!

2. A perfect night time snack: Nutella. Nutella feeds the spirit. My go to: rice cakes with Nutella, and coffee creamed with Egg Nog.

3. Good headphones. I catch up on my Netflix, or turn of the music and clean. Either way, good headphones keep the rest of the family snoozing.

4. Keep a Full Moon journal. A sketchbook is excellent, so you can be creative. Keep this special journal for Full Moon nights only, you will be amazed when you flip back!

5. Follow Santa on Norad! 

Mainly, try not to stress out, but embrace the power of La Luna if you are affected.
Happy Full Moon!
Much love,

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