House Zen-Show me the Money, or keep me from going INSANE!

This is Part 2 of my big Feng Shui makeover. If you want to see how it all started, check out Part 1, and Part 1 Update .

I know I said that I would do this in weekly increments. Don't hold me to my word, as that is not happening. My life is too chaotic, that is why I am Feng Shui'ing and Space Clearing...see? :) If you are attempting this yourself, you can either go room by room in order starting at your front door, or you can do it like me. Priority. Whatever is screwed up the most in my life gets attention first. I would love to show my very tidy Health & Family area, unfortunately my children were creatively making a video with my camera and somehow changed the settings. Now, if I were more organized, I would know where to find my instruction book.....I did find some treasures out there!! A beautiful blue glass lantern, a beautiful blue glass water bottle from Italy that expired in 2003, several art supplies times two, etc...I also found some B&W poster of Rasta kids, I am passing these on, email me quick if you want them!

As were are going by urgency, I am tackling "PROSPERITY" next, which happens to be in my purple (yeah...good prosperity color!) kitchen. I will show you pictures, and here my kitchen is in a pretty good state. Normally that little table is aching under STUFF, and so are the counters, as we do not have dishwasher (an electric one that is, this is why I have children :)....).

My goal is to clear off that table, as I like to sit here and have coffee, or use the table for baking, PlayDoh making, etc. As you can see, we don't have alot of cabintet space. We have 3 cabinets and a very interesting "junky" drawer to clear out. Once it is all done, we were going to paint, but I am not ready to let go of my purple, so I will do some enhancements that I will post.

Simultaneously, I am going to clear my bedroom, my KNOWLEDGE & SELF HELP area (snort!! No wonder I am so damn air-headed!) as I go through the heaps of stuff to find not only my camera book, but also my beading tools. I cannot bead any Goddesses right now as my pliers and tools have VANISHED!! I think it is a sign to get my butt in gear, as my bedroom is supposed to be my ZEN place. This used to be my office. When we made the switch, I swore I would organize and declutter the big built in shelf that you don't see, as that warrants a post all of its own as I tackle it. It will take me a weekend....

This is supposed to be my "altar" area, with my Goddesses, statues, oils, candles, etc. Instead, it is a catchall for pens, glasses, crap, crap, crap :(. Plus, this dresser has to go, all the drawers are messed up. I am on the prowl for a new dresser to paint.....and make my Goddesses happy again. Don't want to have them be pissed at me...

Clutter, clutter, everywhere......

This is sad. I left this desk in the room so I can leave my Goddeses and beads out and work on them here. As always, any clear space is taken over by PAPER ...ugh.

Send me a jingle if you are joining me. We could be Clutter Busters together :)...Or send each other our grossest finds? If you are feeling inspired, check out my favorite books.
Much love,


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